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Video of the Krüsimatic G1 in action

Here's the latest video - about 5 minutes long - from Krusi. Now with English subtitles.

Below: A more in-depth video of the Krusimatic G1, 50 minutes long, which shows many processing details. English subtitles.

Alternatively, you can look at individual clips (WMV files) that were assembled to make the long video above. Note that your computer will download these clips before playing them; they won't stream. The subtitles on these clips are in German only, not in English as in the assembled video. But if you would like to save a particular segment to your computer, they may be useful. See also this page for more video options.

CNC Center Krüsimatic G1
690 KB
Jack rafter
2972 KB
Bird's mouth
2011 KB

1439 KB
House/Lap joints
1468 KB
Concave profiles - corbels
1322 KB

Bird's mouth
1930 KB

1041 KB
1957 KB

Angular mortise
2572 KB

2115 KB
Lap joints
810 KB

Seathing cut
467 KB

Ridge Lap
1505 KB
Seathing cut
1237 KB

Scarf joint
1931 KB

Scarf joint
1522 KB
Simple scarf
1734 KB

1572 KB

Arch cut
1394 KB
772 KB

2463 KB

Dovetail mortise
2168 KB
Drilling different sizes
2098 KB

Column shoe
2150 KB

1236 KB
765 KB

Dovetail joinery
2967 KB

1291 KB
Length processing
4919 KB

Sample scarf joints
2511 KB

Other Krusi machines
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