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LIGNAMATIC Projects - Chesa Futura

The "Chesa Futura", built in 2002, is an apartment building in the ski resort town of St. Moritz, Switzerland. The timbers were milled on a LIGNAMATIC by Holzbau Amann from glue-laminated beams. In an article, the architect of the Chesa Futura described the LIGNAMATIC as "a very advanced CADCAM machine with an impressive array of 20 tools, which descend from racks in their prescribed order to cut, drill, rout or bore at any angle, with any curvature (single- or double-curved), on a piece of laminated timber up to 40 metres in length.... The ability to make rapid and reliable surface and solid offsets without suffering any CAD problems allowed us to share digital models with our engineers in Switzerland and fabricators in Germany."

Above and below: LIGNAMATIC in action!

Using the LIGNAMATIC, Holzbau Amann specializes in unusually-shaped wooden structures from towers to churches. You can see many more projects on their website (in German only; explore the links under "Ingenieur Holzbau" for a variety of engineered wooden structures).