Mill logs for machined log cabins or log homes, square logs, D-logs or round logs.

Log cabin

machined log cabin

little log cabin

corner detail of milled log shed

Rafter detail of milled log cabin

To order, or for more information on the Krusi Log Home Milling Machine, send us an or call us toll free at 1-800-350-8176.

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Log Home Milling Machines

Increase your efficiency!
Process logs in a single pass on one machine.

Swiss Efficiency. Precise and Robust.

CMI industrial log millCM-40 log milling machine1. CHOOSE YOUR TECHNOLOGY:
CM-40 manual
CM-40 CNC-controlled
CMI industrial log mill

milled D-logsSquare logs with dovetail cornersmilled round logs2. CHOOSE YOUR TOOLING:
• Round logs,
• Square logs or
• D-logs

End lap milling unit3. BUY JUST AS MUCH MACHINE AS YOU NEED.
Expand when you're ready.

CM-40 Log Home Mill

If you manufacture machined log structures, whether of square logs, D-logs or round logs, our Krüsi CM-40, the well-tested Log Home Milling Machine, may be right for you. Over 800 manual and 23 CNC log home milling machines have been installed to date. These log mills operate in many countries and in many different climate zones.

Log home mill, open

Showing end cut
Saw mill unit, located on the left side of the machine, for end cuts
Motor 2.2 KW, 3000 RPM, 400 Volt
Maximum cutting height 5-3/4”
Carbide metal saw blade D 15-3/4”
Showing end lap milled on a square log
Horizontal/Vertical end lap milling unit, located in the center of the unit, for saddle notches
2 motors each with 2.2 KW, 3000 RPM, 400 Volt
Milling spindle rotates with 3000 RPM
showing drilled log with pegs inserted
Drilling unit, on the right console, for peg insertion or conduit holes
Motor 1.8 KW, 1400 RPM, 400 Volt
Drill size up to 1”(clutch ER 25)
Showing milled dado
Dado milling unit, on the far right, for spline or key insertion at windows or doors.
Also, optionally, for dovetails
Motor 4 KW, 3000 RPM, 400 Volt
RPM of spindle adjustable, depends on the process
Watch the CM-40 Log Home Milling Machine in action:

Notch in round log
Notch in D-log

Perform precise end joinery in one process without moving the timbers or re-clamping.

End cuts, milling and drilling processes are performed on the same working plane.

End lap milling unit onlyConfigure to suit your log manufacturing needs.

• Tooling for round, square or D-logs

• With or without the sawmill unit

• With or without the end lap milling unit

• With or without CNC-controlled, hydropneumatic automation

Above: CM-40 with cap saw, vertical, horizontal mill, boring drill, end mill

Krusi log home milling machine photoA log home mill built to last - robust construction

• Enduring, precise processing accuracy.
All guide tracks for the processing units are of very tough carbon steel, hardened, tempered and polished to the highest precision.

Smooth operation from the pre-stressed and dust protected ball bearings.

• Enjoy safety and operating comfort from the automatic and electric relay controller.

• Made for years of trouble-free operation.

Integrate with your CAD design.

The CNC log home mill, CM 40-CNC, is designed for square log or D-log production. These Log Home Mills can automatically prefabricate house elements from a CAD design, allowing the house to be assembled on the construction site in one to two days.

Krusi CMI Industrial Log Mill

See the CMI Log Home Milling Machine in action: