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CNC Timber Joinery Machine
Krüsimatic G1

Versatile, Compact, Precise and Reliable.


The Krusimatic is a most versatile joinery machine that mills timber for compound roof, rafter and truss construction, or speed cutting and boring of structural building components and, of course, timber framing.

The Krusimatic can accept direct output from many CAD-CAM applications such as
Dietrich's, Cadwork and others. Timber can also be processed directly with single beam software at the machine or, network connected, from a PC in your office.

In its standard configuration, the Krusimatic is equipped with:
A bevel- and angle-adjustable saw milling unit, two spindle drilling units, a chain mortise unit, an angle-adjustable vertical universal mill with two milling tools and a angle-adjustable horizontal universal milling unit with five milling tools and a marker unit.


The Krusimatic requires little space; it is only 5 feet wide, but designed for handling material cross sections as large as 8" x 16" and nimble enough to work on 1 x 2's. It is a most efficient, yet very compact machine.

All processes on the timber are performed inside an enclosure for very quiet and safe operation. All the tools are inside the cabin and operate around the timber, therefore no unnecessary transport of the timber to other operating positions is required.

Milling and cutting operations are freely programmable all around, without need of turning the timber. Mill shavings and saw dust are suctioned off. Cut-offs fall into a central pit for efficient removal.


The Krusimatic is designed to rigorous Swiss production standards for continuous operation. It requires only simple maintenance, using a central lubrication point. Since there are no hydraulics, there are no hoses, and no potential fluid leaks.

The standard in-feed and receiving tables are about 27 feet long and support 40-ft timbers. Optionally, they can be made for yet longer timber. As many as four timbers can be pre-loaded in line for unattended production. The timber is gripped and transported by a nearly noiseless, newly designed, very precise cog belted drive system. The Krusimatic is, indeed, a very productive and reliable CNC tool.


The timber itself is the only component that moves. No additional mass needs to be accelerated and moved across the machine zone. Since the turn and tilt axis of each tooling aggregate is driven by a servo motor of full NC-capability, all feeding speeds and angles can be controlled precisely, in consideration of the mass, without deviation. This control assures precision regardless of timber size.

More details about the Krusimatic || See Krusimatic videos

A demo for "single beam software" for the Krusimatic is available from Here's the direct link to the Download. Choose the latest version - at time of writing, it is "V5.22_2006jan18." The Install.txt file is in German - click here for our English translation.