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The LIGNAMATIC — CNC Timber Processing Center

The LIGNAMATIC is the world's first fully automated CNC-controlled timber processing center.

With its impressive quality and flexibility, the LIGNAMATIC's unique process capabilities can determine your place in the market and position you for enduring success.

With the LIGNAMATIC, you can perform joinery processes such as saw cuts, drilling, length processing, pockets, mortises, housings, chamfers, rabbets and even planing, on all timber surfaces without rotation of the timber.

Timbers as wide as 3 feet by 5 feet can be processed individually, in pairs or in bundles. For example, a dozen rafters can be cut as one single unit, ready for installation.

With the LIGNAMATIC, you can continue to pursue the age-old craft of timberframing with added productivity and precision, while opening new doors to infinite possibilities in construction and design.

Worker checking laminated beamWood gluelam beam being processed

Intelligent CNC automation increases your competitiveness

LIGNAMATIC CNC-timber processing center, at Waldstatt (Switzerland). The processing area is 150’ long and is designed to process timber up to 70’ in length.

The LIGNAMATIC is a universally operational CNC processing robot and a high-tech timber joinery machine for innovative and creative timber structures. From high quality traditional timber frames to curved or round log details, solariums, stairs or seating, to the challenges of structural building and bridge components and highly precise glue-lam structures, LIGNAMATIC can do the job.


What are the reasons for LIGNAMATIC's success?

Wood gluelam beam processed by LignamaticWood beam in Lignamatic

Your power is the long tradition of the timber manufacturing trade

Why does CNC technology and automated manufacturing increase your competitiveness?

Tool magazine
The tool magazine can hold up to 15 tools of different kinds and sizes. Tool administration is organized directly in the controlling software. The machine chooses and changes tools automatically during production.

Successful products determine your position in the market

With the multi-functional LIGNAMATIC production tool, you will secure your position in the marketplace and open the gates to new opportunities, thanks to:

Wood structures built using LignamaticYour environment is industrial manufacturing

CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) is the future in the timber industry. The integration of computer animated design with CAD-CAM systems and structural analysis programs, data transfer into project management and pricing solutions, and the direct interface into the LIGNAMATIC production software results in:

wood cut by Lignamatic CNClaminated beam enters Lignamatic CNCLIGNAMATIC CNC timber joinery machine for innovative and creative timber solutions