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Rip Cutting Solutions from Krusi

Introducing a ripping saw system that is unlike any other saw.

rough boards ready for millingautomatic rip saw

A highly flexible tool that can be basically operated by one person!

The Krusi ripsaw offers complete operator safety, thanks to protective gills which drop in front of the saw blade like a curtain - even with odd sizes of material!

Stock is fed from the rear. The travelling blade rips through the material at speeds up to 280 ft per minute (85 m/min), cutting off precisely measured pieces. After each cut, the sawblade dives under and retracts quickly to its starting position while the stock shifts into place for the next cut.

diagonal cutsawbladeImagine the applications!

This ripsaw will slice just about anything into a pre-determined, absolutely parallel width:


Electronic width-fence setting, with 4 different operating methods and user handling

digital control panel1. Manual handling
- two-stepped, fast or slow - the fence position is displayed on the screen

2. Absolute values
- automatic process off input values

3. a) Fixed measure
4 set measures are always visible on the display and can be called by key button
sawing a plank into different widthsb) Variable measures, assigned to buttons for quick recall. Can be quickly reassigned and changed.
- For any parallel cuts such as floor boards, parquet, etc.
- 8 different values can be assigned for quick pre-selection. With one key button, stored values can be set or called upon.

4. Incremental measure process
sawing a plank in incremental widths- The sawn material can be removed in front of the saw blade.
- Ideal for strip cuts, like 1 by or 2 by material.
- The input value is repeated by key button function.
- The cut material is fed to the front for convenient removal.
- The saw blade width is automatically figured into the increment calculation.

Video of the Krusi Rip Saw LKSA in action

Technical specifications:

Max cut length:
3.2 - 8.2 m (10½ - 26 ft)
(depends on model chosen)
Cut height:
0 -170 mm (0 - 6.7")
Saw blade diameter:
520 mm (20.5")
Fence width:
400 mm to 2000 mm (15¾" to 6½")
Feed rate:
hydraulic, up to 85 m/min (280'/min)
Saw motor:
7.5 kW (optional 9 or 11 kW)
Dust control:
2 x 150 mm (~6") duct
at 6200 mm (20') 2,600 kg (5720 lbs)
Space requirement:
Length of cut + 1800 mm (~6')
Width 1150 mm (3'9") at 400 mm (15¾") cut width
SPS control