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Krusimatic G2 automatic log milling machine Krüsimatic G2 Automatic Log Milling Machine

Combining the joinery features of the Krusimatic G1 with the milling speed of the CM-40 CNC

For manufacture of

control panel
Click on photos above for larger views and descriptions of the G2 at work.


wood milling machineTake a profiled log, mill dovetails, lap joints, joinery, end-cuts, key-cuts; drill holes, and finish with special features such as electrical boxes, all in one pass, without turning the log.

The Krusimatic G2 has all the specialized tools needed for joinery processes — altogether more than 21 tools to choose from.


complex joineryDoes it all, better

Automated production

Highly reliable

The right CNC joinery and wood milling machine for you

If you manufacture machined log structures, factory made components for houses, or timber frames, our new Krusimatic G2, the combination machine (joinery / milling) may be the right one for you.

Join the legions of Krusi users. Many have logged over 30,000 hours on their machines.

Quality so good, our customers take the lead time of 12 months in stride!

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A demo for "single beam software" for the Krusimatic is available from Here's the direct link to the Download. Choose the latest version - at time of writing, it is "V5.22_2006jan18." The Install.txt file is in German - click here for our English translation.