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Rugged cutting mills

Krüsimatic G2 Automatic Log Milling Machine

Here in the Krusimatic G2's Frame 2, you can see 4 horizontal and vertical mills in the front, with their red anodized hubs and replacable blade inserts with their massive their drive aggregates - These mills cut the corner connections, around all four sides, in just two passes. Above them are two drill motors, each with countersinking bits. They allow boring and counterboring to prevent breakout of the wood at the far end of the hole. Just below, the smaller four mills will turn and pivot into action cutting alternately left or right tenons and dovetails at the end of logs for airtight, seamless wall extensions. The extreme accuracy of the CNC control makes this possible.

Be sure to look at the videos to appreciate how these mills are able to glide around and approach the work from all sides of the timber.

The picture gives sense of the extreme ruggedness of the Krusimatic G2.

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