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Timber Frame Tools is your North American representative for Krusi of Switzerland, serving the United States and Canada.

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CNC Timber Joinery Machine
Krüsimatic G1

Consider the production possibilities:

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Capable of handling cross sections 8" x 16" large, or as small as 1 x 2's, and 40 feet or longer. Most processing operations can be achieved on all six sides without rotating and re-feeding the timber.

Compact size: only 5-ft width required for machine space. Less real estate cost.

Heavy duty built, Swiss made, designed for continuous operation.

All tool aggregates glide on hardened, polished STAR guide tracks and recirculating ball bearings. The servo drive motors are powered by robotic drive transmissions for minimal play and precise function. All drives can operate independently. Tolerances: x axis 1/10mm, y axis 1mm over 8 m.

Six rotation enabled tools can pivot into action instantly. Twelve (12) tools, of diverse caliber sizes, are available altogether.

Markings can be made onto any side at any angle.

Every process step is performed sequentially, without pause. (No homing or neutralizing stage required.)

Cutoffs fall into pit for efficient disposal. Centralized for chipping, shredding, conveyor or other. Vacuum suction separates mill and drill shavings and sawdust from cutoffs.

Each drive aggregate leaves collision zone automatically. No collision with other tools possible.

For each tool the correct speed is selectable. Speed is freely programmable into tool data.

Different diameters of drill holes can be attained, without tool change, by turning axial angle of tool.

Perfect rip cuts, milling, notching, slotting, drilling, no out of square, no binding of tools.

Dovetails and mortises can be cut in any position without need to turn timber. Speed for milling is selectable to match the tool.

No long routes of timber movement while being positioned for the next process. Only the area being worked on is subject to transport. (No repositioning cycles required).

Smallest parts can be created from end of timber for best material usage. Minimum end to end timber length can be as short as 18".

Completely enclosed cabin; potential injury is minimized as all moving parts are concealed. Greatly reduced noise level.

No hydraulics (no hoses, no fluid leaks).

Simple maintenance. Central lubrication point.

Single beam production software is standard. Software compatible with Dietrich's and Cadwork.

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